Tried to purchase a 15.6 R for a XMas gift, only was able to deal with people in India or S.E. Asia as far as order was concerned.

Have excellent credit & an excellent credit card with a large balance, placed order with someone in S.E Asia, only 2 wake up next AM to find out some DING-DONG in India cancelled my order for no reason! Said could not contact me which was a bunch of B.S. since they had my phone # & email address!! This was at 3 AM PST!

I Spent the next 3 days (total of 14.78 hrs on the phone mostly on hold or being disconnected) trying to correct the order with little or NO help from the two, 3rd world countries. Finally received my computer from a U.S.A. outlet thanks to finally getting thru 2 a Mgr. in S.E.Asia!!

From now on I'm sticking with Best Buy even if they r higher priced, it is not worth the hassle dealing with these mental giants!! I pray I don't have to contact these people back for any repairs, any time soon. Just for your info I never usually complain about anything but, their representatives are totally worthless!!

& will cut you off constantly!! Or switch you to another hold for ever base!

Review about: Dell Laptop.

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