My I660 worked fine for 10 months and then began to crash repeatedly. After going through the Dell (India) customer disservice for 7 weeks including reloading the operating system, replacing 2 motherboards, hard drive and fans, countless hours of uploading drivers and doing diagnostics, it's still crashing and not working properly.

I demanded a new computer & they finally agreed to send a refurb. I specifically told them it must have Windows 7 Professional -- no other operating system. They sent a replacement computer with Windows 8. I called and ripped them a new one.

The computer delivery was refused. They tried to tell me that they couldn't find a computer with Windows 7, after they had just sent me a new hard drive with that system a week before. Give me a break. A company Dell's size, with Dell's resources can't find Windows 7 anywhere?

I'm still waiting for an acceptable replacement. This is the first Dell I've bought and will definitely be the last Dell I buy. None of my other computers ever gave me any problems ... even an franken-computer that was cobbled together for me as my first computer.

Dell has no regard for its home users. Maybe they'll reconsider how they treat customers if they start losing market share, as they did some years ago, when they decided to bring customer service back to this country. Unfortunately, their customer "service" in the US only applies to business that use their computers. Their customer "disservice" is reserved for home users.

Dell shouldn't *** the hand that feeds them.

Eventually it'll catch up with them ... again.

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